Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October/November events, plus essays and interviews!

On my Patreon page, I just posted an update that includes: 1) all my October & November readings/talks/performances, 2) a recent podcast interview with me, and 3) my Twitter essay/thread debunking the latest fear-mongering article depicting transgender as a mere "social contagion."

You can access that post & info here for free!

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Thanks for listening, -julia

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

novel complete! now searching for potential agents and/or publishers

Some exciting news: I recently completed a manuscript for my debut novel! Now all I need to do is find a home for it.

To that end, I'm in the earliest stages of researching agents and publishers who might make a good match for the book. Since I am an author with an established track record, and already have numerous literary connections & followers on social media, I figured that it couldn't hurt to get the word out about this in the event that somebody who is already familiar with my work is interested in possibly representing or publishing me. Or in lieu of that, perhaps you have agent recommendations that you'd be happy to share? If so, feel free to shoot me an email and/or share this news with others.

Interested parties can check out my bio, and my previous books & publications. Here is a brief "elevator pitch" for my novel: