Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hate Mail

Originally posted on LJ 2-27-08

So I sometimes receive disturbing emails. Sometimes they're from someone who fiercely disagrees with something I've said in my book or that I've posted on the web somewhere, and they're really mad about it. Sometimes it's a creepy webstalker who's particularly interested in/obsessed with transsexual women. But I don't receive a lot of actual hate mail. But occasionally I do. And here's one I received yesterday:

Tue, 26 Feb 2008 23:46:43 -0800 (PST)
From:Send an Instant Message "Christopher Sinclair"
Subject: justifiable homicide
I read your article November 19, 2007
Julia Serano: There’s Something About “Deception”
and find it appalling that you can blame the victim of deception.
"In reality, it is they who are guilty of cissexual/cisgender assumption (when one presumes that every person they meet is nontrans by default). Trans people simply exist, we are everywhere, and the rest of the world has to start recognizing and accepting that."
I don't know what planet you are living on but people have the right to be respected and not be deceived. The victim of deception is a victim not guilty of your so called - gender assumption. If sexual deception is not a crime then its high time that lawmakers make it a crime. And victims have a right to defend themselves. I do believe this sort of sickening deception is justifiable homicide. If a rape victim murders her rapist - its justifiable homicide. If a man goes into rage and murder's a deceitful transgendered person - its justifiable homicide. Rage is not a phobia.
Common sense and simple respect dictates that transgendered people must disclose their true sex before engaging in the business of deception. This will no doubt prevent the needless loss of life. Transgendered men want to believe they are women but they have the same XY chromosomes like any other man. No doctor in the world can change that.
The end result of your foolish and sickening reasoning is that more transgendered people will end up in body bags.
Save lives - Get your twisted and demented minds untwisted

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