Sunday, July 1, 2012

the Fully Functional Cabaret!

Happy Sunday! I just wanted to let folks know about what looks to be a *spectacular* show taking place in San Francisco next weekend. It's called "The Fully Functional Cabaret," and it features some of my very favorite trans women performers! All the details can be found below - I encourage interested folks to buy tickets in advance, as me thinks that it is very likely to sell out. And even if you cannot attend yourself, please help spread the word about the show (all relevant links can be found at the bottom of this post)...thanks!  -julia

The Fully Functional Cabaret
Trans Women's Secrets...REVEALED!
Friday and Saturday, July 6th and 7th
$12-$20 sliding, N.O.T.A.
African American Arts and Culture Complex, 762 Fulton Street
Starring: Annie Danger, Bryn Kelly, Red Durkin, Ryka Aoki, Shawna Virago, and introducing Star Amerasu

SAVE THE DATE! The world premiere of The Fully Functional Cabaret, a thunderous, campy, beautiful love letter to trans womanhood, is just around the corner. Packed with a nationwide cast of trans luminaries, this giddily-awaited, deeply smart, and thoroughly entertaining show will change how you see trans women forever.
Advance tickets are recommended for this 2-nights-only engagement.

This all-trans-woman show is the culmination of a year-long collaborative engagement between Annie Danger (It's That Easy! With Terry VanWeen!, Sister Spit 2010, Great Church of the Holy Fuck), Shawna Virago (Fresh Meat Productions and the SF Transgender Film Festival), Ryka Aoki (LA's Transgivingand The Tranny Road Show), Red Durkin (New York's premiere trans woman comedian and Managing Editor at, Bryn Kelly (New York's Gay Ole Opry and Theater Transgresssion), and introducing the inimmitable Star Amerasu!

The Fully Functional Cabaret is a shining, campy, thunderous, and beautiful love letter to trans womanhood. Take a step back, and you will see a familiar story of people seeking healing by shining a light all up in society’s deepest crevides . Be it song, dance, or glowing genitalia, there's something for everyone at The Fully Functional Cabaret. Come for the comedic stylings of Red Durkin, the powerhouse voice of Star Amerasu, the poetic incandescence of Ryka Aoki, the dulcet tones of Bryn Kelly, Shawna Virago's razor wit, and the cunningly fun art of Annie Danger.

Written by collaborative process of its all-trans woman cast, Fully Functional was divined by taking our unheard, inappropriate, and deeply true stories and slathering them in a glittery coat of raw-hearted wit. We are women, whole and complete, and our lives are long obscured by the hideous apparitions of the medical industry, the mass media, and even some  feminists! Fully Functional takes these unfortunate mantles on its shoulders and runs with them, shouting “NO SOB STORIES!

Advance tickets are available at:
Contact Annie Danger at for questions, interview queries, hi-res cast photos, or further information.
FFC is part of the 2012 National Queer Arts Festival:

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