Thursday, December 10, 2015

Julia update: new books for 2016!

So yesterday I sent out my latest email update. In it, I discuss:

1) Whipping Girl 2nd edition to be released in March 2016!
2) my 3rd book Outspoken to be released late winter/early spring 2016!
3) introducing Kat Cataclysm
4) Spring 2016 events
5) a few new(ish) essays

You can read the update in all its glory here.

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enjoy! -j.


  1. Is the second edition going to be in a larger font? Because I'm not even considered visually impaired (legally) and the first edition was impossible to read. Every time you talk about doing things for people with disabilities, you seem just so hypocritical.

    1. Sorry to hear that. The book layout (including font size) is entirely determined by my publisher, but I know they strive for readability (it is a fairly standard font/size for non-fiction). Unfortunately, increasing the font size significantly would increase the number of pages, which would make it cost far more (which is another way the book can become inaccessible to people).

      On the bright side, both the first and second editions exist as eBooks as well. Most (if not all) eBook readers (including the ones built into most computers these days) allow readers to adjust the font size to their preference. Alternatively, you can pair that with your computer's screen reader (e.g., VoiceOver on Mac, Narrator on Windows) if you wish to listen to the book in audio. So if you are interested in reading the book, I suggest those as options.