Saturday, September 22, 2012

julia update September 2012

in this update:

1) consider bringing julia out to your campus!
2) julia will be speaking/performing in Peterborough, Ontario next weekend
3) website revamp

hello, and happy equinox weekend! here is what's new:

1) consider bringing julia out to your campus!

So a new academic year has begun, and as always, I am looking forward to having the opportunity to speak/perform at various colleges & universities this year!

If you are affiliated with a college - especially if you belong to a trans, LGBTQIA+, and/or feminist-related organization - please consider bringing me out to your campus! And even if you aren't associated with a college yourself, please feel free to forward this onto people that you know who are students, staff, or faculty somewhere.

For those interested, I have a recently updated "booking" webpage ( containing most of the pertinent info, including short descriptions of some of my most frequently requested talks. I have also added two new presentations for this year: "Recognizing the B and T in LGBTQ" (discussing bisexual/pansexual and transgender/gender-variant activism, within both queer settings and the straight mainstream), and "A Holistic View of Feminism" (where I discuss some of the central ideas of my next book, which I hope to be published sometime in 2013).

a PDF version of this booking info can be downloaded at this link:

2) julia will be speaking/performing in Peterborough, Ontario

speaking of events, I have one coming up next weekend!

September 28, 2012 -- I will be giving a keynote talk on Trans Feminism: a performance and discussion at TransForming Feminisms: Trans Access (the redux), at Sadleir House, 751 George St., Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. All the details can be found on their Facebook page.

The event is being organized by the Centre for Gender and Social Justice:

More details can be found on their Facebook page:

3) website revamp

After a long period of disregard, I recently revamped several pages of my website. There is much new stuff to be found! Here are some of the pages that have been updated:


That's it for now. And remember, between updates, you can always check out:

my main website:

and I tweet regularly (@juliaserano):!/Juliaserano

for those interested in what I have to say when I have more than 140 characters to work with, there's my blog:

I also post all my upcoming events and news on my aforementioned blog, and it also all automatically gets forwarded to my Facebook "writer" page:
so I encourage you to follow me (and perhaps "like me") there!

Best wishes, -julia

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  1. You have a book coming out soon? Yay - at last! :D


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