Monday, April 21, 2014

update on debunking psychiatric theories/diagnoses on trans people

So I *finally* got around to updating my webpage Debunking Psychological Diagnoses and Theories about Transsexual and Transgender People today. It includes PDF links to my article The Case Against Autogynephilia, a recently published article on the DSM expansion of Transvestic Disorder, and two still-somewhat-newish pieces about how the "Fetish Concept" hurts both trans folks and our partners.

You can check out the updated page here:

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  1. Regarding the DSM expansion of Transvestic Disorder article and "In a nutshell, this theory conflates most trans women with male cross-dressers and claims that our gender expressions, transitions to female, and identities are sexually motivated."

    Quite so. But it also fails for male cross-dressers for whom (being one myself) "sexually motivated" isn't (very often) the real story either.

    Basically, Blanchard's AGP theory just reflects his own primary interest, sexology. He's seen some sex-related behaviour, assumed (because this is his focus) that it must be the root cause of everything, developed a silly theory about it, and given it a silly name. Whereas the sexual aspect of cross-dressing (where there even is one) is not so easily isolated, neither as cause nor effect.