Tuesday, December 8, 2020

signed books available for a limited time!

Last week, I published my latest email update, you can read it via that link. (If you want to receive these email updates directly into your inbox, you can sign up here.)

It includes a bunch of 99 Erics: a Kat Cataclysm faux novel news, including links to watch my now completed virtual book tour!

But in this brief post, I want to highlight a special offer I announce within it:

For a limited time, you can purchase SIGNED COPIES of 99 Erics and/or my 2016 book Outspoken: A Decade of Transgender Activism and Trans Feminism for $25 (shipping included) provided that you are in the U.S. – I am happy to make it out to whoever you wish. Just go to my STUFF TO BUY webpage for all the details!

That page also has links to purchase my other books and music too. While I cannot sell signed copies of Whipping Girl or Excluded online, I do sometimes offer them as gifts on Patreon...