Tuesday, December 8, 2020

signed books available for a limited time!

Last week, I published my latest email update, you can read it via that link. (If you want to receive these email updates directly into your inbox, you can sign up here.)

It includes a bunch of 99 Erics: a Kat Cataclysm faux novel news, including links to watch my now completed virtual book tour!

But in this brief post, I want to highlight a special offer I announce within it:

For a limited time, you can purchase SIGNED COPIES of 99 Erics and/or my 2016 book Outspoken: A Decade of Transgender Activism and Trans Feminism for $25 (shipping included) provided that you are in the U.S. – I am happy to make it out to whoever you wish. Just go to my STUFF TO BUY webpage for all the details!

That page also has links to purchase my other books and music too. While I cannot sell signed copies of Whipping Girl or Excluded online, I do sometimes offer them as gifts on Patreon...

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

my "99 Erics" virtual book tour!

The virtual book tour is over now. But all the readings have been archived on YouTube & Facebook, so you can watch them there! (see below for specific links)

I am happy to announce my virtual book tour for my new novel 99 Erics: a Kat Cataclysm faux novel! All the relevant links & info can be found on my Medium post about the tour (shown on right). 

Here is the most pertinent info:

Saturday, September 5th, 3pm EDT/noon PDT (& 8pm in the UK)

theme: On writing a book about writing a book

In addition to reading excerpts from the book, I will talk about how 99 Erics came to be. Specifically, how an earlier failed attempt to write a novel (and reading many “how to” books & articles related to that endeavor) inspired me to satire (& sometimes speak candidly about) the process of writing and publishing a book.

THE EVENT IS NOW ARCHIVED: you can watch it on YouTube or Facebook.

Tuesday, September 22nd , 7pm EDT/4pm PDT

theme: On bisexuals, “weirdos,” and book characters who are Unusually Queer™

On this Bi+ Visibility Day eve reading, I’ll explain why I initially decided to forefront Kat’s bisexuality, and how this eventually evolved into a quest to make 99 Erics the most “unusually queer” book possible — by which I mean, it is very queer in its sensibilities, but is not centered on same-sex relationships or traditional gay/lesbian framings

THE EVENT IS NOW ARCHIVED: you can watch it on YouTube or Facebook.

[note: If you appreciate my work and want to see more of it, please check out my Patreon page]

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

TERF Wars collection features my updated critique of "autogynephilia"

This week, The Sociological Review (an academic journal) published a special issue entitled TERF Wars: Feminism and the fight for transgender futures. (If you are reading this now, that link will take you to the issue; in the future, you may need to scroll back to Volume 68 Issue 4, July 2020.) 

It contains my essay Autogynephilia: A Scientific Review, Feminist Analysis, and Alternative ‘Embodiment Fantasies’ Model. That link will bring you to a PDF of my accepted manuscript. If you have institutional access, here's the final publication. While I'm not allowed to post the final publication publicly, I am allowed to share it upon individual request, so shoot me an email if you'd like a copy.

In the article, I provide an updated overview of the scientific case against autogynephilia theory. Following that, I forward an alternative "embodiment fantasies" model that explains all the available evidence better than autogynephilia theory, and is far more consistent with contemporary thinking regarding gender and sexual diversity. Finally, given the theory's recent popularity among trans-exclusionary feminists, I demonstrate how autogynephilia relies on essentialist, heteronormative, and male-centric presumptions about women and LGBTQ+ people, and as such, it is inconsistent with basic tenets of feminism. 

While writing it back in 2018-19, I found that I couldn't fit every argument I wanted to into it (due to word count), so I spun some of these additional ideas into two long-read Medium essays: Making Sense of Autogynephilia Debates and Autogynephilia, Ad Hoc Hypotheses, and Handwaving. (btw, those are both "friends links" that circumvent the paywall.)

If you add all that up, it's almost half a book's worth of writing on this theory (yikes!). While I believe this has been important work (as autogynephilia continues to be routinely cited in anti-trans propaganda), I wasn't paid for any of it. So if you appreciate this work, please consider supporting me on Patreon, which helps make projects like this possible!

Finally, if you're interested in the TERF Wars: Feminism and the fight for transgender futures collection, but do not have journal access, you'll be happy to know that it can be ordered in book form via that link. And it will soon be available via more typical book outlets.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

a year's worth of julia news!

the latest excerpt from my novel 99 Erics!
Last week, I published my first full email update in about a year! You can read the whole update here. It covers a lot of ground, including . . .

As always, if you wish to receive these email updates directly into your inbox, you can sign up here!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

my debut novel "99 Erics" has been released!

So in recent posts, I shared news of my 2nd book Excluded being mentioned in two "best books of the 2010s" lists, the release of Spanish and French translations of Whipping Girl, and my essay "He's Unmarked, She's Marked" being included in the anthology Believe Me. But I've been saving the biggest news of all for last...

My debut novel – 99 Erics: a Kat Cataclysm faux novel – is now officially released! 

You can purchase 99 Erics right now (in paperback & ebook formats) at all the major online outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes Books, etc.). The ebook is also available in all formats via Smashwords (where you can download the first 5 chapters for FREE!).

Brick-and-mortar bookstores & libraries can order the book via Ingram – please encourage them to carry it! You can locate your local independent bookstores via IndieBound.

And if you appreciate 99 Erics, *please please please* give it a good review on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or wherever you purchase it, as this really helps to spread the word about the book!

If you are associated with a literary or media outlet and wish to obtain a review copy of 99 Erics, or to possibly interview Julia about the book, feel free to contact me here.

If I had to do one of those “Out of Africa meets Pretty Woman” pitches for 99 Erics, I would describe it as kinda like a Michelle Tea novel meets Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, except that none of it takes place in outer space.

Here is a more standard synopsis of the book:

Kat Cataclysm is an ethically non-monogamous bisexual woman and absurdist short fiction writer. 99 Erics is a humorous account of Kat’s experiences writing a book called 99 Erics, which is about her experiences dating ninety-nine different people named Eric. It is more surreal than slutty. Not that there is anything wrong with slutty.

The book is largely comprised of amusing anecdotes from Kat’s dates with various Erics; satirical takes on relationships, sexual conventions, language, the writing process, book publishing, online media, and tech culture; and Kat’s smart yet silly digressions on a variety of topics, including the distorted nature of memories, hipsters, sex toys, sabermetrics, YA dystopian fiction, trendy restaurants, temporal anomalies, Freudian slips, banana slug mating practices, lucid dreaming, the internet of things, poetry slams, and Prince lyrics, to name but a few. These more fanciful passages are seamlessly interwoven with more serious and mundane matters, such as navigating the world as a woman and sexual minority, being an outcast who doesn’t really fit in, struggling to make ends meet, and reconciling one’s past with the present. The end result is a fun and fast read that tackles meaty subjects and contemporary issues along the way.

Several excerpts from the book are available on the 99 Erics webpage. More will be released in the coming months and will be posted there (along with any interviews & reviews), so stay tuned...

Monday, March 9, 2020

He's Unmarked, She's Marked: my essay in Believe Me

Welcome to the third of four posts summarizing recent news about books that I have written and/or am otherwise included in. In this post, I want to talk about my contribution to the new Jessica Valenti & Jaclyn Friedman anthology Believe Me: How Trusting Women Can Change the World, which just came out a month or so ago.

During the height of the #MeToo movement in 2017-18, many people shared their personal stories of sexual harassment & assault using the hashtag #BelieveWomen, intended to highlight the fact that our accounts are often presumed to be dubious or outright untrue. This collection offers many insights into this problem while simultaneously expanding the discussion to include other marginalized groups and survivors of sexual assault. Lots of amazing writers and activists share their perspectives and strategies in this book, and I am very honored to be included amongst them!

When I was asked to contribute to this anthology, the first thing that ran through my mind was this: On past occasions when I have personally experienced sexual harassment or attempted date rapes, I wasn't worried so much that people wouldn't believe me because I am a woman. Rather, I thought that they would primarily dismiss my account due to the fact that I am transgender. And of course, this isn't a trans-specific issue. I've heard similar sentiments from sex workers, people of color, disabled people, and other LGBTQIA+ people. In fact, the accounts of all marginalized groups (including women) tend to be discounted or disbelieved to varying degrees, and it is even more so for individuals who are multiply marginalized.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Spanish and French translations of Whipping Girl

Welcome to the second of four posts summarizing recent news about books that I have written and/or contributed to. In this post, I am honored to announce the publication of Spanish/Español and French/Français translations of my first book, Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity!

The Spanish/Español translation is entitled Whipping Girl: El sexismo y la demonización de la feminidad desde el punto de vista de una mujer trans. Rosa María García is the translator, and it is published by Ménades Editorial. The book can be purchased directly from the Ménades Editorial website (via that link), and a Kindle version can apparently be found on Amazon (aka, the U.S. site).

The French/Français translation is entitled Manifeste d'une femme trans: Et autres textes. Noémie Grunenwald is the translator, and it is published by Éditions Cambourakis. Unlike the Spanish version (which is a translation of the full book), Manifeste d'une femme trans includes translations of 8 chapters from the book (Trans Woman Manifesto, Skirt Chasers, Pathological Science, Dismantling Cissexual Privilege, Ungendering in Art and Academia, Experiential Gender, Deconstructive Surgery, and Love Rant). The book can be purchased directly from the Éditions Cambourakis website (via the above link), or from the French Amazon site.

As of now, these are the only two translations of any of my books. However, a number of my individual essays have been translated into other languages – those can be found on the translations section of my writings webpage. If you are interested in potentially translating one of my books or essays yourself, an “FAQ” (frequently asked questions) on how to do so can be found here.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Excluded selected as one of the best books of the decade!

I have had a bunch of book-related news of late, some of which I've alluded to or mentioned elsewhere on social media over the last several months. But I figured that it would be helpful to pen a few posts to share all this news in a more comprehensive manner. So here is the first of four posts – the biggest news of all will land next Tuesday...

As you know, the 2010s recently came to an end. And I was excited to see that my 2013 book Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive made two different "best of the decade" lists!

The queer women's website Autostraddle included the book in their article: 80 of the Best Queer, Lesbian and Bisexual Books of the Decade (you'll find it in the non-fiction section of the list). Here is what they said about it: