Wednesday, June 23, 2021

99 Erics Wins Two Book Awards! (plus other news)

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The biggest news is that my latest book 99 Erics: a Kat Cataclysm faux novel, is the winner of not one, two book awards! 

First came the Publishing Triangle’s 2021 Edmund White Award for Debut Fiction (shown to right). And I have since learned that it is an Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) 2021 silver medalist in LGBT+ Fiction (medal below). 

I am honestly a bit flabbergasted! Two of my past books were nominated for awards, but this is my first actual "award winning" book! 

Publishing Triangle described the book as: "Whip-smart, fast-paced, and drop-dead hilarious, Serano gives us the lighthearted fun read that we all need right now." So please consider adding 99 Erics to your summer reading list!

The book is available at all the usual online booksellers, and can be ordered from your local independent bookstore too – in fact, you should encourage them to carry it! 

If you're still tentative, check out the 99 Erics webpage, where you can download the first 5 chapters for FREE, plus read other excerpts, blurbs & reviews, or watch recordings of my virtual book readings.

In addition to the book award news, my latest update shares my four most recent online essays. They are all on Medium – these links will bypass their paywall:

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Finally, since the update came out, my first book Whipping Girl has received two nice Pride month write-ups:

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